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W Type Fenders
W Type Fenders

"hippo" W Type fenders are installed on to the bow and the aft portions of Ocean going tugs, to product the hull of the vesse, against damages caused during pushing and pulling operations / towage . These fenders are installed in similar manner as those of key Hole Fenders.

Extreme-duty design
Twin-leg attachment
Open bone for easy installation
Grooved for extra grip
Fits around tight bends
Ocean-going tugs
Large harbour tugs
Bridge and pile protection

Installation Example of "hippo" W Type Fenders

Code A x B
Pin Dia
Flat Bar
HWF-320 320 x 200 25 100 x 20 600 2000
HWF-400 400 x 250 30 120 x 20 800 2000
HWF-480 480 x 300 40 140 x 20 900 2000
HWF-500 500 x 400 40 150 x 20 1000 2000
HWF-500 500 x 450 40 150 x 20 1000 2000
Code A x B x C
HWF-600 600 x 400 x 550

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